Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hello! My name is Tucker!

My name is Tucker. I am 2 years old now. I am a classic tabby. My mama is always irritating me by sticking her fingers into my "bulls eyes" on my sides. Sigh...

This is a picture of me when I was little.

Me and my sibs were orphaned when we were just babies. A nice woman took us in a fed us from bottles until we were old enough to find our own forever homes. She took us to this big places with lots of people and other animals. Every now and then someone who stop off and look at us, hold us and pet us.

My sister was the first one to go to her forever home.

My mama came by the same day. I really turned on my kitteny charms. You know, purring loudly and falling asleep in her arms. But she didn't adopt me!!!! I was heart broken. But my sweetness stayed in her mind.

She called my foster mama the next day and asked if I had found a home. When my foster mom said no, my mama said she wanted me. The next day I had found my forever home.

Now I have two big sisters, Badness and Scrappy. Badness doesn't like me so much but that is okay. Scrappy does. And I have a dog named Daisy. I like my dog. We play alot.

My favorite things are gooood head scratches. My mama gives goooood head scratches. I also like stinky goodness and having all my dishes full. Okay, I like to eat. Eating is fun. I also like kitty grass and kitty crack.

My least favorite things are...being held like a baby. I am NOT a baby. I may be a SWEET PRINCE but I am not a baby.

Nice to meet you all!


Anonymous Tyler & Jagger said...

Hey Tucker! Welcome!

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