Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hello! My name is Tucker!

My name is Tucker. I am 2 years old now. I am a classic tabby. My mama is always irritating me by sticking her fingers into my "bulls eyes" on my sides. Sigh...

This is a picture of me when I was little.

Me and my sibs were orphaned when we were just babies. A nice woman took us in a fed us from bottles until we were old enough to find our own forever homes. She took us to this big places with lots of people and other animals. Every now and then someone who stop off and look at us, hold us and pet us.

My sister was the first one to go to her forever home.

My mama came by the same day. I really turned on my kitteny charms. You know, purring loudly and falling asleep in her arms. But she didn't adopt me!!!! I was heart broken. But my sweetness stayed in her mind.

She called my foster mama the next day and asked if I had found a home. When my foster mom said no, my mama said she wanted me. The next day I had found my forever home.

Now I have two big sisters, Badness and Scrappy. Badness doesn't like me so much but that is okay. Scrappy does. And I have a dog named Daisy. I like my dog. We play alot.

My favorite things are gooood head scratches. My mama gives goooood head scratches. I also like stinky goodness and having all my dishes full. Okay, I like to eat. Eating is fun. I also like kitty grass and kitty crack.

My least favorite things are...being held like a baby. I am NOT a baby. I may be a SWEET PRINCE but I am not a baby.

Nice to meet you all!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Maggie McKitten-Cat

My name is Maggie ... I live in Columbia, SC with my two brothers and my older sister. I am the youngest of the four, and come from a litter of about 10 kittens (yes, 10!). My brother Jasper does most of the blogging among us cats, so I am excited to have the Attack of the Tabbies to express myself!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Tabbie BOYS

Hi our names are Ping (ginger tabby) and Jinx(grey tabby). We are 2 1/2 year old brofurrs. We live with 3 sisfurrs and two humans.


Ping & Jinx came to live with us because some kind soul dropped them off in our neighborhood one day in August 2004. We are happy they did so because now Ping & Jinx( and their sister Boo) have furrever homes. Ping is the comedian of the family. He is very athletic and LOVES to play. He will keep you entertained for hours. Jinx is our "big daddy". All he needs is a place to sleep and food to eat. He is one laid back poodin! We call Ping our special needs kitty because he is so insecure. We believe he is why all three of the poodins were put on the street by their former owner. But we love Ping and he has a home now where he will never have to worry about losing. Ping says everyone in the house is bossed around by a sassy itty bitty cat name Abby. She is a manx with an attitude. But both boys are very docile and loving poodins.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hurrow efurrybody! I am Bombay’s sister. My name is Cloey.

This is me now

Before my Mommy and Daddy named me that, my Foster Mommy named me Diva. Why? Because she said I was the most attention-seeking kitten she ever knew… that I behaved like a true diva.

This was me then

She told me that I would mew very loudly for attention, and not just any kind of attention. I had to have the best seat in the house (the spot on the lap closest to the body or right on the neck). And even then, she had to stare deeply into my eyes. If she turned away to look else where, I would mew and mew again.

Is that what bean divas do too?


Friday, March 17, 2006

Tabby Cats Picture Gallery

Well, what do you know? Proper appreciation at last. Check out's Tabby Cats Picture Gallery. Apparently, we get March all to our lovely selves. A whole month for Tabbys. Nyah, nyah.

To our friend

We are very sad today.

A blogging friend had to say goodbye to us all. Even though he has not past away, his absence will be felt as keenly as though he has. His life now lies on a different path than ours; not a lesser path, just a different one. Good-bye Moses Kitty. We know it was not an easy decision for your parents to make and we hope that you are happy and content in your new life.

If you can, come back and tell us of your new life so that we can rejoice in your new life with you.


I know I'm a bit late in introducing myself, but I've had an incredibly stressful last couple of weeks, so I hope none of my Tabby brothers and sisters take it personally.

I am Empress Kukka-Maria. While my name is Finnish, my former empire is not. My current empire includes one human servant and one feline servant, to whom I "affectionately" refer as "Mom" and "Brach", respectively.

If you want to know more about me (and I am sure you do), feel free to check out Memoirs of a Feline Empress in Exile.

Now, who is the social chair of this fine group of tabbies? And when do we rumble with the Tuxedo Gang, Gorgeous Gingers and House Panthers? I've been working out and sharpening my claws for the big bru-ha-ha. If we're not going to fight them, can we at least challenge them to a fierce "dance-off?" I have rhythm...

"Do you want a piece of us, inferior cats? Don't mess with the Tabbies!"

Kukka-Maria out!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hello fellow tabbies!!

Hi everyone!! We're Tyler and Jagger. We were born in CT in Oct of 2004. There was 6 of us, me (Tyler), Jagger, Bruce, Elvis, Ross & Coco. The Stratford Cat Project took care of us and we all got adopted!! Fortunately Jagger and I got adopted together. Our new mommy was wonderful...and soon we were fat and happy!

Unfortunately in Jan of this year mommy had to move out of state and she couldn't take us with her. So she brought us back to The Stratford Cat Project because she new they would find us a new home. AND just one week later our new mommy & daddy saw us at a public adoption and couldn't pass us up!! (I was my usually charismatic self, however Jagger was a little reserved!) We came to our new home on Feb 4th and we both feel like we've been here forever!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Greetings, Fellow Tabbies

Mrrello, I'm Bonnie Underfoot, aka The Attack Tabby. I'm not quite 9 years old and I run a household with two adult humans and a boy I've raised since he was a klutzy toddler. I work hard managing these lesser beings. They are so difficult to train! But my hard work has paid off in good food, a warm bed with a fluffy blanket, daily treats, and a relatively clean litter box. They even bought me my own water fountain so I didn't have to wait and wait and wait in the sink for them. A little fetching when I was younger, and I had them wrapped around my tail.

Or so I thought... I slacked off for a moment in late October, and a young tabby named Victor presumed to adopt MY woman! He entered MY home without MY permission. And he's STAYED! This is MY house, which I have faithfully defended from many offensive, invading humans who claim to be "friends" of my people. I've completely intimidated a pair of so-called Cat Sitters. I've protected my humans against a number of door-to-door salesmen. I even made someone allergic to cats sneeze with just a recording of my voice. I may have no front claws, but I can growl, hiss, swat, and bite. So I do.

What has cowed many silly human beans has no effect on that silly Cow Cat. Victor is 1 now and thinks he's something special, climbing all over stuff and snuggling my woman at every opportunity. I've told him what I think, but he won't listen. He doesn't even fight back! He's such a suck-up. He makes me very upset and I'm not letting my staff forget what they've done to ME. Most recently, I finally deigned to touch him and sort of... pushed him down the stairs. It was quite satisfying, but the stoopid youngster liked it. I thought they'd make him leave when he climbed on the counters and stole food off their plates, but NO! My staff, MY staff, forgive him. I'm so ashamed.

Ok, back to ME, not HIM. Besides the fluffy blanket, my favoritest place to sleep is my puter chair. I have my man use it just enough to keep it properly scented and tenderized, then I make him leave it for me all day and all night. You could call it my throne, from which I manage the house. I don't do laps. I don't snuggle. I don't even really like people touching me at all, but when I need a belly rub, my man knows how to do it right. That's his reward for proper behavior.

My favorite treats are Temptations, salmon from the people's plates, and of course, catnip. I have them grow it for me near my house so I can get it fresh. Hence, my membership in Catnip Anonymous. I had a favorite fluffy crinkle ball, but Victor stole it and slobbered on it. Yuck. He hasn't stolen my catnip mat or my pink mousy. Those are MINE. MINE, I tell you! Next that little brat will be joining MY tabby club, too. He's more white than tabby; he shouldn't be allowed.

Yes, I'm grumpy and irritable, but I enjoy being grumpy and irritable. Deal with it.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Hi! I'm Bat. My mommy named me Acrobat because when I was trying to pick her at the shelter I tried to stand on my head in the cage. But I was so little then (just three months old) that she said it was too long of a name for such a little bit of a cat, so she just calls me Bat. She used to call me Bit, too, but now she says I'm a big boy and not just a little bit of a cat anymore.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hello, I'm Moses

Don't be decieved. I'm ferocious.

Just try and give me a bath and see what happens!

Beau Bentley

Hi Efurryone,

I'm Beau Beau of the Beau and Angelica household. I was adopted by my new family in Oct 05 when I was 6 months old. My first name was Tommy but Mom and the Heather sister thought I looked too pretty so they named me Beau for Beautiful, good looking, handsome, etc. (you get the picture...) in French. Mommy calls me Beau Beau coz she likes to be silly. Maybe when I get older she'll just say BEAU!

Daddy is really the one who fell in love with me at first sight. Must have been my green eyes. Now I'm so happy to be in my forever home running, playing and sleeping all day with Angie and my humans. Such la bonne vie!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Good Mewning!

My name is Bombay. Many kitties and human beans often ask me how I got my name.

Well, when I first arrived at my foster mommy's house at just 3 weeks old, she kept poking my belly and commenting on what a fat boy I was. She said that I reminded her of the Fat Man of Bombay in one of the nursery rhymes she read as a child bean. So Bombay I became.

And when I adopted my Mommy and Daddy, they decided to keep my name. So Bombay I remained.

I don't think I'm fat though. I'm merely big-boned. Besides, can I help it if my brothers and sisters won't finish their food? Why waste a good thing? So I polish it all off for them. If you ask me, I'm doing efurrybody a favour.

~ Bombay


My Name is Bella.

I'm called a Torbie. That's because my coat is a mixture of Tortoiseshell and Tabby.

I was adopted from the local Human Shelter my Mom and Dad. I was there with my sister and I was only eight weeks old. Since my oldest brother Magoo didn't like to play very much with my other brother Smudge, Mom and Dad thought Smudge could use a playmate. At first, I wasn't too crazy about my brothers. Magoo kept trying to sit on me, and Smudge wasn't interested in playing at all. But soon, Smudge and I were chasing each other all over the house.

Now even with the new kitte, Dolce, the three of us play a wicked game of tag in the hallways of our house.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mistrie Rose

Hi, I am Mistrie Rose. I live outside (by my choice) in The Big Piney Woods.
I am one of The Girls that make up The Calico Girls.

I love stinky goodness, sharpening my claws on the trees, climbing up high in the wood pile, peeking in at Patches and Mittens, chasing leaves, watching the wildlife on the pond, getting loves from Mine Mom. Someday, I might come in.....


Monday, March 06, 2006

Dolce salutes the Oscars

Dolce wants to salute the Man in Black and the awesome movie about his life story.

She calls this one: I walk the Blinds

Calling all Tabbies and Torbies

If you're a Tabby or a Torbie, then this the place for you. So if you want to join send an email to